MP warns of “business as usual” at Chelsea

Nigel Huddleston is the UK’s Sports Minister, and he’s not exactly endearing himself to Chelsea fans at the moment.

Along with the rest of the government, his focus is on looking tough on Russia, rather than on doing anything to actually stop the horrific invasion of Ukraine.

They have clamped down hard on Roman Abramovich and forced him to sell Chelsea, but now they’re worried that some money from ticket sales will trickle back to him (as though that money is relevant to a multibillionaire who has only ever lost money on the club)

“We’ve got to be careful of making sure there isn’t any incremental new revenue generation,” the BBC quoted him as saying.

“We have had constant dialogue with Chelsea fans because the whole strategy throughout is to be very, very clear that Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned and that has clearly had implications,” Huddleston said to Parliament on Wednesday.

“I was very honest and open with the Chelsea fans saying ‘this will have an impact because he has been sanctioned and he is the owner of the club’.”

Chelsea fans, by and large, understand the sanctions. But the fact that they can’t buy tickets to see their team seems crazy – how hard can it be to ensure that the proceeds of ticket sales go to charities? It’s now almost a month since Abramovich was sanctioned, and given they have the full administrative weight of the civil service behind them, that’s pretty astonishing.

One thought on “MP warns of “business as usual” at Chelsea

  1. Hipocresía en su máxima expresión, sólo alimentada por el odio que le tienen al orgullo de Londres , Abramovich ha hecho más por el pueblo de Ukrania que Inglaterra junta, o a cuantos a dado asilo el gobierno británico?…
    Payasos cobardes.

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