Spanish paper makes unrealistic claims about Azpilicueta

Catalan paper Sport has their latest update on Barcelona’s pursuit of Chelsea’s three out of contract defenders, and it has some new (and rather unrealistic) claims about their situation.

On Cesar Azpilicueta, they claim that the club captain is asking for a two year contract, with an optional extra year extension.

Chelsea have resisted giving out contracts over one year long to players over 30, as Azpi well knows at this point. It seems very unlikely he’s asked for such a stretch on their part.

Sport say that because of that, his exit from Chelsea is “on track.” If it’s true that those are his demands we agree – there’s no way the club will agree to that.

However as a veteran at the club who has seen club legends like John Terry, Frank Lampard, and more recently teammate Thiago Silva only offered one year deals because of their age, it seems unlikely Azpi is going to be asking for three.