Petr Cech sums up what is special about Thomas Tuchel in one perfect paragraph

Petr Cech’s weekly column on the Chelsea website has become required reading, especially when he’s having digs at the Premier League or UEFA.

That’s not the case this time around – it’s a very positive column, bu worth reading all the same. In it, Cech talks about Thomas Tuchel and his impact at Chelsea after a year.

He really nicely sums up the German coach’s character in a paragraph which explains exactly what he brings to the club:

“He is open minded, he is a good listener, a good communicator, and he has a very good sense of humour! He likes to joke and make a good atmosphere around the place. Any group needs people like that, but he is a hard worker and makes sure the team is ready every day so they can perform at the highest level. That counts the most,” Cech wrote on the official site.

He then goes into more details about the manager and his specific way of working, and how it’s helped the club get back on track so quickly. One thing he picks out is how quickly Tuchel and the three assistants he brought with him integrated into the team’s existing staff.

That integration was so seamless that it really allowed the team to start winning right away, as they proved when they lifted the Champions League just a few months after Tuchel was appointed.