“Once he adapts to the physical style of the league” – Thomas Tuchel thinks Lukaku still hasn’t readjusted

There’s always a non-broadcast section of every press conference that allows the papers to report news that the TV cameras (and bloggers) miss out on.

That means quotes can sneak out at funny times, like last night. Thomas Tuchel had extra words to say on Romelu Lukaku, and was evidently asked whether he thought the striker was going to have to adapt his style of play to succeed at Chelsea.

Tuchel denied that, but in doing so revealed that he though that Lukaku still needed to readapt to the physicality of the Premier League.

“Once he adapts to the physical style of the league there is no doubt he will have a huge impact. We will not reinvent his style or reinvent the player. He can simply be Romelu and then we are all fine and then he will score because this is what he always does,” The Guardian quote the Chelsea boss as saying.

It’s curious that Tuchel is still giving Lukaku leeway in terms of adapting to the league, given how well he knows it already.

The Belgium star played many years in English top flight, with West Brom, Everton and Manchester United. He’s also now had 6 months back at Chelsea. Let’s hope his re-adaptation doesn’t take much longer.