“Must be true” – John Terry fires back at ‘absolutely plum’ claims about him

Right now all the talk should be about how John Terry is back at Chelsea, back in Cobham, back making a difference already to some of our youth players within his new role at the club.

But instead, all the noise and drama is surrounding John Terry and his decision to use his Twitter account to promote and use NFT’s and the use of ‘monkey-gate.’

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Don’t worry if you had to Google ‘NFTs’, I still have no idea exactly what they are and I’ve even read into it.

Anyhow, Terry’s plastering of it all over his timeline on Twitter has got some Chelsea fans really annoyed, and he has even been blocking some of them.

But yesterday a report from The Telegraph claimed that the Premier League and other authorities are looking to take action on Terry and his use of certain graphics on the artwork on what he has been promoting, and Terry snapped back…