Mason Mount picks up another assist to break his own Premier League record

Mason Mount now has a combined 13 goals plus assists this season, breaking his previous Premier League record of 12.

The whipped free kick headed in by Thiago Silva was the latest contribution from Mount, confirming this as his most effective season in the English top flight statistically so far.

The midfielder made a brilliant start to his career as an 18 year old playing for Vitesse, and his numbers there were impressive for someone his age – he ended up with 9 of each in his one season there.

But this isn’t the Eredivisie, this is the Premier League, and reaching 13 goal contributions by January is a seriously impressive feat. At the current rate, he should be looking to kick and try to hit a combined 20 for the season at least. He will still hope to do even better in the future, but it would be great progress for him.

This team looks to be getting slowly back into shape, and there will be chances for him.