Kenedy coming back to Chelsea – but not to play left back

We’ve been hearing all week that Chelsea are looking in to cancelling loans for players who they want to play at left back while Ben Chilwell is out injured.

Now we’re hearing that Kenedy (who has played at left wing back in Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte’s time at the club) is being recalled from Flamengo.

It all fits nicely, and Twitter briefly went mad at the idea that the club were planning to cheap out and use the unwanted nomad as their option until Chilwell is back.

But since then several people have cleared up that it’s just because of a lack of games in Brazil, and that the club will be sending him somewhere where he can play more often.

As for who we are going to sign, that’s not so clear. But if they have a clause to get Kenedy back, who’s to say they don’t have others…