John Terry in hot water over illegal use of Chelsea and Premier League trademarks

If you’re anything like us, you’ve recently seen John Terry has signed up to Twitter, followed him, then unfollowed him.

Why? It’s not just his rather bland content (if we unfollowed people for that there wouldn’t be many footballers we could follow. It’s the endless stream of NFTs that he’s promoting.

We can’t be be bothered to explain why they’re a scam – there are far more qualified people who can do that. But we can tell you that the Chelsea legend is in trouble with the club for using their logos in some of his NFTs.

He released a new one with a new kit on – but even in that he used the Premier League trophy – which has a trademarked design.

It seems unlikely that JT has any agreements in place, and so he will be in hot water for profiting from exclusively owned intellectual property.

We’re sure a cease and desist will suffice…