“It’s tough” – Christian Pulisic says he isn’t where he ‘wants to be’ at Chelsea right now

Chelsea have a pretty big squad and they’ve really had to use it over the last two months due to fixture congestion, injuries, Covid-19, and fatigue.

It has been a blessing for Thomas Tuchel to be able to have so much cover and versatile players to fill in where needed, but it seems to be taking it’s toll on some players who have not been playing as much as they want to be, or in the positions they are best in.

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Christian Pulisic has been expressing his concerns over the current situation at Chelsea as he heads out on international duty with the USA.

He has been one who has perhaps dropped far down the attacking pecking order and not getting many games right now and when he does play, he has been asked to play in different positions not considered his best.

Pulisic says it has been really tough at Chelsea lately, as reported by NBC Sport:

“It is tough. I haven’t always been playing in the positions I want to play in. But I think it is a good quality to be versatile and able to play in all kinds of positions and have different strengths on the pitch. I’ve learned a lot and I’m ready to hopefully be in a spot over the next few games that I’m more comfortable in.

“It doesn’t affect me too much coming in to U.S. camps. I am ready when I come in here and to do whatever I can to come to help this team so I’m not thinking about that. Obviously it has been up and down this year, for sure. Not exactly where I want to be and how I want things to be right now. I’m just going to keep going and it doesn’t affect me when I come here. So I am excited to be here.

“I would say there’s two sides to me, especially when people ask you how you are. There is the soccer side and the person side. The person side is even more important to me and I’m doing alright in that sense. It is a lot sometimes.

“When I come to the national team it is ‘How are things with Chelsea?’ and ‘What’s this’ and ‘What’s that.’ It’s tough, it is tough. Mentally it has played on me at times but I am always very excited to be on the national team and get to enjoy playing with these guys and just enjoy football in general.”