“I love the team, I love all the players” – An ‘awfully impatient’ Thomas Tuchel wants more at Chelsea

Chelsea are getting set to face Tottenham in the Premier League late this afternoon and they all know exactly what a big game this one is.

Spurs are quickly creeping up behind Chelsea now with games in hand as well, so there is a lot at stake with this one today.

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Thomas Tuchel has been speaking on his first year in charge at the club, which was marked this week. And The head coach just says that he wants more at Chelsea, that he is impatient, and he wants them to get closer to Manchester City at the top.

But he knows that you cannot simply do that by just clicking your fingers. He says that they need time, but they do not have time.

Chelsea as a club need to win trophies and need to compete at the very top, but they have a great manager here in Tuchel and you get a sense that something big could be built here.

“I am awfully impatient and this is part of what drives me and part of what brings me to a great opportunity – to be part of a club like Chelsea,” Tuchel said as reported by The Guardian.

“I think we are competitive. I think we know what it takes and we have what it takes to challenge for the title.

“I could feel on Tuesday the disappointment from the players, also from me, that we are in the stage where we are right at this moment.

“But it does not help. We still are obliged and it is our duty to have full commitment – by full I mean 100% – to what we do and to what we believe and to how we do things. The rest will take care of itself.

“I love the team, I love all the players and I love the club. It’s on us to bring out the very best in ourselves. Where this is over the last weeks, it depends on the circumstances. But we will always try.”