“Huge opportunity” for Kenedy to play for Chelsea again after loan recall says Tuchel

When it was announced in the last few days that Kenedy’s loan at Flamengo was being terminated, there was uproar among Chelsea fans that the club were apparently cheaping-out on buying cover for Ben Chilwell, and are instead just using their own unwanted loan players to fill in.

We were quickly assured by some sources that the winger was only being recalled so that he could be sent on another loan. But the way Thomas Tuchel spoke in his press conference today made it clear that he will be getting at the very least a chance to join his squad.

“Kenedy is back and I am very happy about it,” the manager said in quotes picked up by Football.London.

“It’s a huge opportunity for him to make his mark at this club and this team. We will try now, from today on, to push and support him.”

It is still only the 14th, so the coach has a couple of weeks to get to know the Brazilian better in training. If it looks like it’s going to be a total disaster, there might yet be time to squeeze in a quick loan deal before the deadline.

Equally, it gives Kenedy time to adjust to this shape and show what he can do in training.