England international is “someone Chelsea have on their radar for the summer”

One position that Chelsea are clearly already taking a look at to potentially sign in the summer is in centre midfield, an area where they have struggled with a bit this season with injuries and Covid-19 issues.

When you factor in the amount of injuries N’Golo Kante has suffered in the last two seasons, then you would probably say that this might soon become a pressing issue.

Chelsea are taking a look at their options for the summer, and one of those is England and Borussia Dortmund centre midfielder, Jude Bellingham, who would be a very good option to come in.

This is according to transfer insider Dean Jones, who has been speaking today via The Si & Dan Talk Chelsea Podcast.

He believes that Bellingham ‘is someone Chelsea have on their radar’ for the summer window.

“Jude Bellingham is someone Chelsea have on their radar for the summer,” said Jones.

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Of course any club going for Bellingham will face fierce competition from other top clubs being such a huge talent.