Chelsea’s xG shows how team have struggled since Lukaku’s return from injury

A few weeks ago, we wrote that Chelsea’s xG was showing they had come out of their rough patch. Consecutive league games where they were creating almost 3 goals a game (as against Zenit, Leeds then Everton earlier this month) seemed to show a team that was finally firing.

Since then we’ve tried to reintroduce Romelu Lukaku however, and it’s been damaging for the chances we create every game. Our last 3 in the league have seen us fail to top 1 expected goal, and that’s reflected in the number of goals we’re scoring too.

The good news is that we’re at least tighter at the back, with only Liverpool putting more than one expected goal’s worth of pressure on us since that positive run at the start of December.

Yesterday’s game felt like a turning point considering the break we have coming up now, let’s hope that ends up being the case.