Chelsea front 3’s dire stats against Man City

Chelsea lost 1-0 to Man City on Saturday, and the focus was very much on the attacking players.

The defence and the midfield did their best to keep the team in the game, and in fact if it wasn’t for Kepa letting Kevin de Bruyne’s shot from range in, they would have kept it to 0-0.

Unfortunately the team simply didn’t generate enough threat up front to make it worthwhile. WhoScored’s ratings for the front 3 shows exactly how off the pace they were.

Romelu Lukaku got a 5.7, Christian Pulisic a 6.3 and Hakim Ziyech a 6.2. Fans were surprised to see all three of them start, to different degrees, but happy to back Thomas Tuchel.

However looking back at full time, it was pretty clear that that selection was a mistake, compounded with how long it took to get Mason Mount and other alternatives onto the field. Tuchel is a smart man – we can’t see him making this same mistake again.