Chelsea boss refuses to be drawn into Liverpool controversy, but does demand more “transparency” over postponements

There’s a little bit of a scandal brewing behind the scenes in football this week after Liverpool had their game against Arsenal postponed in midweek because of positive Covid tests, only for Jurgen Klopp to claim that many of those results were “false positives.”

Conspiracy theorists are claiming that the Reds are getting postponements when they feel like it, and trying to push more games out of this period where they’re missing two key players to the Africa Cup of Nations.

In quotes picked up by Football.London Thomas Tuchel was asked about the situation today, with the question very much leading him into doubting Liverpool’s results. But the Chelsea coach diplomatically refused to do so, instead pointing to the false positive Chelsea had on Jorginho last month.

“I believe him. People will look into it. We had one falst test at Wolverhampton, we sent Jorginho straight home. I know what you mean, games were postponed when we arrived at Wolves we thought we had a big case with seven positives so we could have had it postponed but decisions were taken, you know my feelings about it,” the Chelsea manager explained.

He couldn’t resist still calling for more “transparency” in terms of when games are called off though. Chelsea had more positive cases for that Wolves game that Jorginho missed (not called off) than Liverpool did for their cancelled trip to Arsenal.

“It would be nice for everybody. All the details in the regulations, I have to admit, I am not aware of. Transparency, most of the time helps in these decisions and people can understand why, in general, we are still happy to have fans in the stadiums. Everybody is trying hard to have a squad ready for every match,” Tuchel concluded.