Tottenham putting forward a strong proposal to sign Antonio Rudiger

As the days go on, it looks more uncertain now that Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger will be staying at the club beyond the summer.

He becomes a free agent at the end of June, with clubs circling looking to pick up an absolute bargain, being a top quality and experienced international defender for zero fee.

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You can be sure that there will be a number of clubs blowing up his agent’s phone next month when it is allowed that he can agree a pre-contract with a new club, and apparently one of those putting forward a strong proposal to sign him are Antonio Conte’s Tottenham, according to Eurosport.

Personally you’d be hard pressed to see Rudiger going to Spurs, but stranger things have happened. I expect other big clubs such as Bayern Munich to come in for him as well and I think he will head somewhere like there IF he does leave Chelsea.