Journalist explains why Antonio Rudiger is still being selected by Chelsea but not Andreas Christensen

You would have all caught the news from late last night delivered by Thomas Tuchel himself by now.

It seems that Andreas Christensen is not being selected by Tuchel right now due to the contract situation and the fact that his reps have moved the goal posts on it, as reported here by The Telegraph.

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It looks like as per a decision from above, Tuchel and Chelsea are attempting to clear the standoff by not picking Christensen until it is sorted out.

But many people have been asking why not the same treatment for Antonio Rudiger? And that is a valid question.

The reliable Matt Law has also cleared that up in the same report as above that came out over night, and he believes it is because the two situations are different.

Rudiger has never agreed a deal and then either moved the goalposts or delayed signing a contract. Christensen on the other hand had agreed the new contract but then changed his mind.