“It influences” – Thomas Tuchel explains why Andreas Christensen isn’t playing right now

Thomas Tuchel confirmed himself some news that was going around on football Twitter last night.

The reliable Instagram insider account, cfcnewspage, reported that the reason that Andreas Christensen wasn’t starting for Chelsea in recent matches, was due to his contract standoff and moving the goal posts in negotiations.

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Despite many people jumping on and hammering this news, without knowing it is definitely not true themselves, Tuchel has since confirmed that it IS TRUE via the Chelsea website.

“No, it is the opposite,” Tuchel replied when asked if a lack of playing time hinders his chances of a new deal.

“We have to hope that it influences the contract situation a little bit. My understanding was that it is a matter of a very short period that we have good news.

“I said this in the national break, that for me it is a matter of days that we think that we can have good news about Andreas.

“As I understand it, the club want the same, and so do the coach and player. That is to stay, and that’s why we need the commitment and then we can continue.

“We have been waiting since a long time now for confirmation and it is on Andreas to act how he acts on the pitch. He needs to act now off the pitch and walk the talk because he tells us he loves Chelsea and that he wants to stay,

“He says he wants to be a big part of this club, because he is a big part, and I think he is a perfect fit. He is not done here yet and his career is far from finished at Chelsea.

“He can still develop and be a big player. But it is on him. We want the commitment and hopefully we get it.”

It sounds like a very tense situation and far from ideal. But one thing for sure here is that if people don’t think things like this happen in football then they are living in the clouds.

Morale of the story, just because you read a story that you think is unbelievable, it doesn’t always necessarily mean that it is!

Let’s hope this situation gets cleared up as soon as possible and the deal is agreed, but it is not looking great after these comments I must admit.