Frank Lampard reveals who makes the big decisions at Chelsea

It’s been almost a year now since Chelsea legend Frank Lampard was sacked as the manager of the club, and now it finally seems the right time for him to sit down and speak about it all.

Lampard has been speaking to Gary Neville on his YouTube Channel, The Overlap, and the pair have covered many situations in large detail, including his time as Chelsea manager.

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There always seems to be confusion and reports over who exactly makes the big decisions at Chelsea. Is it Roman Abramovich? Marina Granovskaia? Petr Cech now? The manager?

Well, according to Lampard the owner (Abramovich) ‘makes the calls.’ However, Lampard himself admits that he was more than involved in any decisions about transfer especially and he was ‘always kept in the loop.’

He says he had good and regular communication with Marina and Cech about all things that were going on at the club and he was able to give his opinions on targets.