Thomas Tuchel patient on Antonio Rudiger contract situation and hopes for ‘good ending’

It is a situation that feels very intense to Chelsea supporters and the outside world right now, but Blues boss Thomas Tuchel insists he is remaining patient and hopeful for a ‘good ending’.

The situation is that Antonio Rudiger will become a free agent at the end of June, as things stand. And that also means that from January he can sign a pre-contract to join a new club and could face playing the rest of the season at Chelsea already signed to a new club.

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It appears that the club and Rudiger are no closer to agreeing a new contract for the German international to further his stay at Stamford Bridge, and the pair seem quite far apart.

But Tuchel is remaining calm on the situation and insists that Rudiger is and will always remain professional and committed to playing for Chelsea.

As reported by the Chelsea website, Tuchel said:

“It does not affect this mentality, it does not affect his quality and it does absolutely not affect his behaviour. He is fully committed to Chelsea right now.

“I am absolutely sure he feels the trust and respect and the love from the club and from the spectators. He is a big competitor and he is in exactly the right spot. He is in the most competitive league, he is at a club where he really matters and that suits him perfectly, so let’s be patient and hopefully we have a good ending.

“Toni knows his role and he accepts his role and lives it to the absolute maximum.

“We demand a lot and he delivers a lot. I think a good relationship always helps me as a coach and helps every player. We want to install this and keep this. At the moment this is what we have and now it is Toni and my duty to keep this going.”

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