“They were just running with it in Turkey” – Attila Szalai rumours shut down by top insider

Totally out of the Blue a couple of weeks ago there was chatter about Fenerbahce defender Attila Szalai, who was apparently close to a move to Chelsea.

Some outlets really leant into it, but most of the major sources stayed notably quiet about a potential move.

In their exclusive interview with Fabrizio Romano, TalkChelsea asked the insider why he hadn’t said anything about it, and what the truth of the rumours were:

“I think they were just running with it in Turkey saying that it was one step away from being done. I’m told from people close to the player that he’s one of the players Chelsea are scouting, but but Chelsea are scouting 100 players, maybe more than 100 players in the world every single year. So OK, he’s a player to keep an eye on but nothing else. It’s not a negotiation, there is no proposal. No advanced talks, maybe they will change their minds in the coming months, but nothing imminent,” Romano said.

As we suspected all along, it sounds like Szalai is just one of many talents who Chelsea are keeping an eye on. A couple of people in Turkey got wind of that interest, and the story quickly ballooned to Chelsea being on the verge of signing him.

For now, there’s no reason to think he’s anything other than someone the Blues are keeping tabs on. Any stories of a transfer already in motion – especially one in January – look totally baseless.

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