Reece James’ incredible season stats so far show he’s the league’s best

Reece James’ utter monster trucking of Alex Sandro and the rest of his Juventus teammates on Tuesday night should have been the crowing glory of a brilliant season – instead it’s pretty much par for the course at this stage.

His campaign is going from strength to strength, and just watching him for 90 minutes is enough to convince anyone of that.

He absolutely bullies opposition players, both in attack and defence, and the stats he’s accumulated so far this year are just jaw dropping.

Look at the numbers from FBRef in the table below. He’s in the 90th percentile or better for full backs in almost every area, and the only real competition in the Premier League is his own teammate Ben Chilwell, along with Joao Cancelo of Manchester City.

This is not just an exceptional year – this is an exceptional player.

You can see his full stats in the table embedded here: