“It’s unbelievable” – Veteran Thiago Silva hails Thomas Tuchel’s coaching

Thiago Silva is almost 37, and in his career he’s played all over the world, mostly at the very highest level, with some of the best coaches in the game.

So to hear the praise he has for Thomas Tuchel is really something special. In an exclusive interview with the Chelsea app, Silva explained just what it is that makes the German coach so good.

Absolute Chelsea had the quotes from the Brazilian defender where he raved about Tuchel’s preparation and work ethic:

Silva himself is a workaholic, and he never stops thinking about football. That’s how he’s been able to keep his place at the very top of the game even as his peers retire around him.

So for him to be impressed by Tuchel’s preparation (“it’s unbelievable”) and effort shows just how special the former PSG coach is. To have them both together at Chelsea is something really special, let’s hope it pay off today.