Former teammate explains exactly why Edouard Mendy is the “best in the world”

Edouard Mendy has been called “the best in the world” by Willy Caballero, a man who knows him well.

Caballero was third choice at Chelsea last season, and saw in training every day how good the then new arrival was as the Blues battled their way to a glorious Champions League win.

Now in quotes picked up by BBC Sport, Willy has explained just how good he thinks Mendy is:

“I believe strongly that Ed Mendy was the best goalkeeper [in the world] – last year and at the moment this year he is the best,” Caballero declared.

“As he arrived last season in training I saw an amazingly talented goalkeeper in terms of power, in terms of speed – he is so fast when diving.

“He has very long arms and everyone wants that as a goalkeeper. He is showing in every single game that he is calm and he is improving with his feet, he is playing very well in the build-up.”

It’s interesting to get a keeper’s view on what it is that makes Mendy so good, and what he is still working on. Sometimes the keeper’s incredible physical gifts mean that the saves he make look easy, when in fact the ball would be flying past most goalies.

The explanation that he’s got long arms and a great dive speed explains a lot.

We agree that he’s the best around at the moment, and if he keeps up this form for years to come, he can go down as a really important figure in the game.