“Don’t try and find things!” – Tuchel annoyed with predictable reoccurring questions about Ole Solskjaer

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel took part in his pre-match press conference for Juventus in the Champions League this afternoon.

When you read that back, you’d expect to be seeing questions regarding Tuchel, Chelsea and their prep for the game, and Juventus. You certainly wouldn’t think that a Juventus pre-match press conference would be anything to do with Manchester United sacking their manager.

But nope, not only did Tuchel get asked his views on United sacking Ole Solskjaer once, he got asked about him right away on the question after, even after he had said it is nothing to do with him.

You can read the full transcript of every word Tuchel said at Si & Dan Talk Chelsea.

But naturally Tuchel got annoyed with the line of questions related to Solskjaer being sacked, and that is totally understandable.

It would be much better if Chelsea reporters or Chelsea fans asked the questions in these pressers.

“We have away game on Saturday then we play Manchester United in two games so we don’t think about United,” Tuchel said. I will not comment on this decision it is not my job.”

The next question, he was asked about United again and whether changing managers mid-season will help them!!?

“I cannot say it is easy [changing coaches in mid-season] it will devalue our effort,” Tuchel continued.

“I’m in the best place possible at this moment so I am a happy coach and a happy person, it is perfect. That’s what I try to transmit and put across.

“Don’t try and find things where there are no things to find there is nothing to find. It is none of my business I have nothing to say about it.”

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