Chelsea’s shootiest player has no Premier League goals this season

We’re almost through the international break now, from tomorrow we can start looking forward at the games to come rather than looking back at the games we’ve already had.

It is interesting to think about the stats of the season so far though, especially when looking forward, and one really jumped out at us on WhoScored today.

Hakim Ziyech has by some distance the most shots per game in this squad in the Premier League – 2.8 a game.

From those shots he has managed an impressive – 0 goals. To put that into context, even N’Golo Kante has one goal this season, and that’s from an average of 0.3 shots per game.

It’s a real issues in his game, and one that fans in the stadium are frustrated with. We want him to take risks and create, but the positions he shoots from are just not efficient, and a stat-understanding manager like Thomas Tuchel will be pulling his hair out.

If he can just be a little more efficient, he can still be a real creative force for this team. But as it stands, his place is under threat the moment our injured attackers are back.