Ben Chilwell has “partial” ACL tear and could need surgery after 6 weeks rest

Ben Chilwell has a partial ACL tear and will be out for a minimum of 6 weeks, Thomas Tuchel has just revealed in his press conference.

The left back will be treated “conservatively” according to the Chelsea manager, meaning that after 6 weeks a decision will be made over whether to perform surgery to repair the damage.

Tuchel wasn’t giving too much away, but it sounds like the best case scenario is that after that time passes Chilwell has healed successfully and can be eased back into action.

The worst case scenario is that the issue remains, and surgery is needed, potentially ruling the left back out for the rest of the season or even longer.

The other option would be to do the surgery now and get it over with – but given there’s a good chance it won’t be necessary, this seems the most sensible course of action.

Prayers up for Ben’s ACL everyone.