“A lot of people wouldn’t understand it” – Hudson-Odoi opens up on winning the UCL with academy team mates

There have been plenty of look backs recently bringing back the still so fresh memories of Chelsea winning the Champions League at the end of last season.

The club released a two-part documentary series on their website and it bought back all sorts of feels.

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Now winger Callum Hudson-Odoi has been looking back at the triumph in the Juventus matchday programme where a few snippets have been released early via the website.

Hudson-Odoi has been speaking about the emotions and feels of winning such a major competition alongside team mates that he has literally grown up with playing in the Blues academy since a very young age.

The likes of Reece James, Mason Mount, and Tammy Abraham would have all grown up playing football together for Chelsea, and then the overwhelming feeling of winning this trophy together took over their emotions.

He says some people won’t understand it, and you can get why.

“We’ve all had our own different journeys to playing in the first team,” said Hudson-Odoi.

“So when everyone came back together there was a feeling of joy because you knew that you’d put in a lot of work as a group during your Academy days.

“Then to win something major, such as the Champions League, together, for the club we’d grown up at and been with our whole lives – that’s a dream come true. I think a lot of people wouldn’t understand it, unless you’ve grown up with the players you then play with at first-team level. It’s an amazing feeling, first of all, to play with all of them, but then winning something so big with them was just something completely different.

“The maturity levels are just mad – you just look at them and think, “You’ve changed a lot since when I was playing with you in those times!”

“Everyone is obviously growing day by day, as we get older, and it’s a thing where one minute you’re young and playing football and enjoying it, but then you get to the first team and everything gets way more serious. You’ve got to play for points, play for wins, and it’s all guns blazing every game we play. It’s definitely a nice feeling looking around and seeing all of those boys I’ve grown up with alongside me.”

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