“Would have knocked mere mortals out cold” – BBC Pundit praises Chelsea man

There weren’t too many Chelsea players who could have walked away from Saturday’s lucky win against Brentford knowing that they had a fantastic game.

They would have walked away knowing just how lucky they were not to be on the losing side on Saturday evening as Brentford hit the post twice and threw everything but the kitchen sink at the Champions League holders.

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But there was one guy who was everyone’s star player of the game who literally won the game for Chelsea, and that man was stopper Edouard Mendy.

He did literally ‘stop’ everything that was thrown at him, using pretty much every single body part he was born with, and this didn’t go unnoticed amongst the pundits reviewing the game.

BBC’s Garth Crooks was very impressed with Mendy, and likens him to the classic old-fashioned goalkeepers who used to put their bodies on the line to stop goals.

As reported by The Chelsea Chronicle, Crooks said:

“The days when goalkeepers are expected to put their bodies on the line week in week out have long gone.

“They do their job and go home. Edouard Mendy on the other hand had the ball smashed in his face in a way that would have knocked mere mortals out cold.

“The Senegal international simply shook his head, sprung to his feet and went on to make a number of fantastic saves.

“The tip over the bar from Christian Norgaard’s overhead kick was quite magnificent.”