“I have no preferences” – Chelsea prospect could suffer without nailing down one position

I’ve always had a real belief in this player to make it at the top, and I was always hoping that would be with Chelsea.

It still might of course, and this current loan army star is still on 21-years old so he has plenty of time.

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But I’ve also always thought that for Ethan Ampadu, it will be good for him and his career if he nailed down and perfected one position in particular, rather than floating between defence and midfield.

Of course, it’s great to be flexible and have versatility. But when you look at successful players over time in their careers, they play in one position and become the best at that, they don’t constantly change between two very different positions consistently.

Ampadu though, says he has no preferences to which position he plays and it is just about playing for him, as reported by Football London.

He said:

“I think it’s useful to know how to play in more positions — okay, maybe not as an attacker, but in defence or in midfield I feel at ease. I have no preferences, I’m young, I want to play and wherever I need to I’ll be happy to do so.”