Former Chelsea coach blames Jose Mourinho for Salah and De Bruyne not making it at the club

This is one big debate that has gone on for some time now and one that is often perceived differently depending on what you read or who you talk to.

Basically, Jose Mourinho reportedly allowed Chelsea to sell Mo Salah and Kevin De Bruyne when they were both at the club instead of integrating them into the first team. And what a massive mistake that was looking at where both players have gone on to be since then.

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We have often seen reasons claimed as to why Mourinho didn’t fancy either of them, or whether it was down to just a club decision and there was nothing that Mourinho could do about it.

But if you ask Eddie Newton, a former Chelsea player and coach, he will tell you that it’s on Mourinho.

Newton believes there was a clash of personalities between Mourinho, Salah, and De Bruyne, and that’s why he didn’t give them chances to make it at Chelsea.

Speaking to Goal, Newton said:

“For me, I think Salah and De Bruyne wasn’t about talent. It was a personality clash [with Jose Mourinho]. I just didn’t think it was working at the time.

“I think they were more than good enough, but it was the manager who didn’t see eye-to-eye with them, so it wasn’t going to work.”