Billy Gilmour misses out on Golden Boy shortlist

The 20 man “Golden Boy” shortlist has been announced, and there are no Chelsea players included.

That’s surprising, given the quality players we’re producing from the academy every year.

Billy Gilmour looked the most likely to get on the list from a Chelsea perspective, playing regularly at the Euros and becoming a starter in the Premier League, but given the hot competition to get on this list, we shouldn’t be too disappointed.

There are some truly top players on there – from Jude Bellingham to new PSG signing Nuno Mendes. These are guys with regular Champions League appearances, getting games for Norwich isn’t going to cut it in comparison, unfortunately.

What is a shame is that there is a Chelsea academy product on the list – Jamal Musiala, now of Bayern Munich.

He made it all the way to the end of the Cobham conveyor belt before jumping ship. If only we could have held on to him.