“What a joke” – These Chelsea fans are upset by lack of big boosts in Blues’ FIFA ratings

Chelsea won the Champions League last season, and have started this campaign looking as menacing as they ended the last one. But despite that, their players haven’t been given the props that people were expecting.

By “props” we mean “FIFA 22 player ratings” of course, and people who know / care about these things seem bent out of shape by the lack of upgrades for Thomas Tuchel’s European Cup winners.

“What a joke” fumed one as he lamented not being able to play with his favourite team this year. Well, he can play with them, with a fractionally lower chance of winning.

A lot of the squad proved themselves to be top players in the last 12 months, and they certainly deserve more respect than this – the only solution is to win it again and show EA just how wrong they were.

You can see a selection of the reaction to the announcement in the Tweets on social media embedded here: