“Poor half” – Chelsea fans react to second sludgy showing in a row

It’s half time in Chelsea’s home game against Zenit St Petersburg, and the score remains 0-0.

That’s not too surprising, given neither side has produced many chances, or even much dangerous attacking play.

Zenit are happy to defend and play on the counter, while Chelsea are looking sloppy in possession and lacking a cutting edge.

Romelu Lukaku is working hard to get on the end of things, but the team are trying to play between the lines without much success a lot of the time.

On social media, frustrated Blues fans had their own takes on why things weren’t working out. “Poor half” moaned one, and they were spot on. There’s still 45 minutes to turn things around however – Thomas Tuchel was ruthless at the weekend against Aston Villa, and we expect to see the same thing again tonight after the break.

You can see a selection of the reaction in the Tweets embedded here: