Chelsea fined £25k for team’s reaction to Reece James red against Liverpool

Chelsea have been fined £25,000 by the FA for “failing to control their players” in the match against Liverpool two weeks ago.

Chelsea were in charge and dominant against the Reds when Reece James received a red card for a handball on the line.

Not only were Liverpool being given a penalty for the same offence, but it was also clear that the ball had deflected from the defender’s leg onto his arm. The double punishment seemed harsh, and Blues surrounded the ref to make their complaints.

The game ended as a 1-1 draw despite Chelsea being down to ten men, and in the end the whole experience brought the Blues squad even closer together.

Whether or not the referee’s decision was the right one, the confrontation of the referee was wrong, and a fine is a pretty minor punishment compared to the points deduction that always hangs over us in these circumstances.