Antonio Rudiger complains about his pace on FIFA – but we all know what the truth is

Antonio Rudiger has been on Twitter today complaining about his pace attribute on this year’s FIFA football computer game.

He quite correctly points out that 75/100 isn’t really reflective of his speed, which is a great asset of his as a defender. He’s certainly the quickest central defender we’ve had at Chelsea in some time.

Frankly, we can see exactly how fake this all is. There’s no doubting players do care a lot about their FIFA numbers, and originally their complaints were real.

But now, complaining about those scores has become part of the hype-building exercise just as much as announcing them, and players are clearly being nudged to put out posts like this as part of the promotional campaign for the game’s release.

Then, in the first update to the game – or even in the release version – the stats can just be bumped up to what they should have been originally.