Potential Declan Rice and Tammy Abraham swap deal heats up

There seems to be a transfer deal that could happen this summer that just makes sense for all parties involved.

West Ham want to sign Tammy Abraham from Chelsea this summer, but as per reports below from transfer news reporter Dean Jones, they cannot afford the £40m asking price for the England international striker.

Meanwhile, Chelsea want to sign Declan Rice this summer, and according to a report from The Athletic a couple of days back, they could include Abraham in an offer to sign the England international midfielder this summer.


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So as you can see, this deal just makes sense. Say for example Chelsea stick £40m valued Abraham in a deal alongside £40-£50m cash for Rice, I can’t see too many people being too upset with that? And if both players want it, like we keep hearing they do, it makes sense for the clubs as well.

I’m speculating a little here of course, but it’s something I can really see happening now.

5 thoughts on “Potential Declan Rice and Tammy Abraham swap deal heats up

  1. Keep speculating and straw clutching. It does get boring. Been made clear again by West Ham Rice is not for sale including swap deals. Its 100 mill PLUS were he for sale which he isnt. One day it will sink in ! wont hold my breath.

  2. You have absolutely no chance of signing Rice, get over it. Abraham is a forward Rice is a CDM, swap wouldn’t make sense and the club’s valuation of Rice is in excess of £100 million because he is NOT for sale. Go read what Moyes has repeated today re Rice then go elsewhere, this one isn’t happening.

  3. More BS about Declan Rice. He has three years on his contract, plus an optional extra year. What bit of ‘not for sale’ are you not getting?

  4. You mean you’d like to see it happen!
    Who rates Abraham at £40 million? Only Chelsea!
    Take off the blue tinted specs, Declan Rice will still be a West Ham player this season and maybe even next. get over it.
    They might take Abraham off your hands for somewhere nearer his true value of £25 million.

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