Conor Gallagher names one area he needs to improve in

As the focus moves back from international football to club football, players return from their holidays and the Chelsea official website finally has some players to interview to create some content.

Today it’s Conor Gallagher on the spot, and he had some really interesting and positive insights on what it was like trying to improve as a highly rated youngster who has already racked up a lot of senior appearances.

He was able to identify an area of his game which isn’t as strong as the others, and he sounds determined to work on it under the watchful eye of Thomas Tuchel.

“I feel like I can play anywhere in midfield, whether it’s deeper or further forward. I’m happy to do whatever and I’m good enough to do that. I know defensive intelligence is something that I can improve on so I’ve been working on that last season and now during pre-season. I’ve been told I need to get better at that so I’m focusing on it,” Gallagher explained.

Players who are that self aware and willing to admit their weak spots are usually the ones who end up succeeding, and whether it’s at Chelsea or elsewhere we’re sure that Conor is set for major success.

This preseason won’t be his last chance to show Tuchel what he’s got.