Chelsea set to humiliate Tottenham with Champions League parade

Video - Azpilicueta lifts Champions League trophy for Chelsea and team celebrate

Now this is tasty.

Chelsea are taking their time over summer signings, so there’s not much news to report on that front.

But they are starting to line up their summer friendlies, and the one against Tottenham at Stamford Bridge is going to have a twist.

Stadiums can be full now, so we expect there to be plenty of fans there to see the game, and according to the Evening Standard, Chelsea are going to take the chance to show off their Champions League trophy to their fans before the game.

That will be humiliating for Tottenham, who will shortly after be playing a qualifier just to get into the Europa Conference League.

Have fun with that guys. Meanwhile the trophy with the big ears will be sitting pretty in the Stamford Bridge trophy cabinet.

Let’s hope we just win that friendly, or we will be the ones who are embarrassed.

4 thoughts on “Chelsea set to humiliate Tottenham with Champions League parade

  1. No story here whatsoever. Why wouldn’t Chelsea show the trophy to their fans? The only reason it’s being reported is that Chelsea have this bizarre obsession with Tottenham

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