Chelsea announce plans for Champions League trophy parade vs Tottenham

What a great title to an article, right? In fact, it’s probably the best title to an article I’ve ever written!

Chelsea are going to parade the Champions League trophy at Stamford Bridge, against arch rivals Tottenham. Isn’t that just music to your ears?

The club have announced via the website today, that one player will be walking around parading the Champions League trophy in front of a capacity crowd at Stamford Bridge, ahead of the Mind Series pre-season friendly against Spurs on Wednesday the 4th of August.

I want a Spurs guard of honour at the start and at the end of the match please as well, the full works. Let them get a front row seat of what a major trophy looks like!

In all seriousness though, it will be a great moment for the club, the players, and for Thomas Tuchel, especially after having to play for so long without fans.

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea announce plans for Champions League trophy parade vs Tottenham

  1. Would expect nothing else from a bunch of Russian chavs, once again success has been bought, ah well 9ne day our owners will have enough to give us players instead of lining their pockets, could have been worse could have been scumnal

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