“It’s time to level up” – Chelsea’s forgotten summer signing prepares to make an impact at last

In Chelsea’s flurry of transfer activity, it’s perhaps no surprise that Xavier Mbuyamba was a little forgotten.

Still just a teenager, he was a little crowded out by the flurry of buys that ranged from the veteran superstar Thiago Silva to the up and coming wonderkid Kai Havertz.

Mbuyamba never got his chance in the spotlight, despite being a widely hyped talent himself, and things haven’t changed much since as he’s been injured for the entire time period since.

He finally recovered towards the end of the season to start making appearances for the development squad in. On social media at the conclusion of the campaign, he issued a rallying cry to celebrate finally getting back on the pitch.

“It’s time to level up” he insisted, over the top of a flashy video of his highlights from his appearances so far.

Next season could be a really big one for him, and we hope he can make up for lost time.

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