The superb nickname for N’Golo Kante given by Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas has a column in the Daily Telegraph running through the Euros, and it’s going to be full of Chelsea related snippets through the tournament we’re sure.

Today’s edition is all about N’Golo Kante, and starts with a lovely little story we hadn’t heard before.

Apparently Cesc and Eden Hazard started calling Kante by his “Brazilian” nickname “N’Golinho”, and Fabregas still uses it to this stay.

Of course it’s mainly a bit of fun – an ostentatious name for a shy and subtle player – but it also has a great slice of truth contained in it.

Kante’s technical ability is often underrated, for no reason other than because the other parts of his game are so exceptional. But the Brazilian flair reminds everyone that he’s got a sweet touch and so much vision too.

Chelsea fans don’t need to be told – we’ve seen it so many times – but fans of other teams often forget.