“It did create success” – Former Chelsea coach likens legends of the past to today’s triumph

Chelsea lifted the Champions League trophy last Saturday night and yes, we will keep reminding the world of this fact.

Anyways, it’s actually relevant to the article!

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Chelsea have had a triumph in Europe this season, and former coach Steve Holland has been talking about this, and has likened it to the legends of Chelsea’s past, players like Didier Drogba, John Terry, Frank Lampard, Petr Cech, and Ashley Cole.

He recalls some of the quality players they had on the bench, and points at the fact this strength in depth is what creates success, and the experience natural-born winners in the squad.

You do get a sense that certain players in this current squad are trying to build that same mentality and breed the winning formula into the squad, and the early signs are good.

As reported via the Chelsea website, Holland said:

“The top players Drogba, Terry, Ashely Cole, Frank Lampard and Petr Cech were driven every day. They had talent but also made the maximum out of it.

“As they became experienced, they would push the rest of the group.

“At Chelsea, Conte changed to a back three and brought in Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso from the cold. I had Cesc Fabregas, Terry and Branislav Ivanovic sitting behind me.

“It was relentless and stressful, but it did create success. It’s a strange culture and environment to explain, you just couldn’t accept not winning.”

As long as the success keeps coning, that’s all that counts!