Chelsea and other Super League teams agree punishment package

Chelsea and the other 5 Premier League clubs who signed up to the European Super League earlier this year have had their punishment agreed by the English top flight’s governing body.

They 6 of them will pay a combined £20m for their misdemeanours, although none will receive a points deduction or sporting penalty of any kind.

It has been agreed that any future action of a similar nature would incur another fine, with a 30 point deduction on top.

The fine seems small considering the billionaires involved in the whole debacle, but the Premier League are probably aware that being too spiteful will only push their cash cows towards another breakaway attempt.

The irony that Chelsea went on to win the Champions League just weeks after trying to destroy the very same competition is lost on nobody, but at least that will hopefully encourage senior people at the club to focus on our heritage in traditional cups, rather than pushing to create new ones.