Chelsea offer Tammy Abraham to Dortmund as part of Erling Haaland deal according to top insider

There are some journalists who build their careers about being “insiders”, and some who just have well placed sources which they use at the right moment to get information nobody else has.

Matt Law of the Daily Telegraph is the latter, not showing off about inside scoops, but clearly connected to people inside Chelsea who know what they’re talking about.

Yesterday, it was his article about the Blues’ interest in Erling Haaland that really made us sit up and take notice of the whispers about a move taking place.

Today he’s added a fresh detail – that Tammy Abraham is potentially going to be included in the deal. At least, that Chelsea have offered him as a makeweight.

It’s still miles off, but we can see the German side being tempted. They love buying up under-priced English players and making them into stars. Tammy is the perfect candidate.

And if Michy Batshuayi can bang them in for Dortmund, who knows how many Tammy could get?