(Video): The bizarre goal that gave Arsenal 1-0 lead over Chelsea

Kepa, Kepa, Kepa. Or should that be, Jorginho?

The Chelsea goalkeeper was given a chance in the team tonight and he’s stuffed it up.

It wasn’t just his fault to be fair – in fact you could blame Jorginho entirely for the mixup.

The midfielder passed back to where he thought his goalkeeper was going to be – but the Spaniard had vacated his goalmouth.

Kepa was able to scramble back and clear it, but by then there were a horde of Gunners closing in to finish it off.

There’s plenty of time to come back from this – but it’s not a great sign if Kepa wants to play this weekend.

You can see the goal in the clip embedded here, with footage from Sky Sports:

[Footage from Canal+]