Timo Werner describes Chelsea team mate as ‘a beast’

Chelsea fans will still be nursing hangovers of celebrations today as they reflect on another massive memorable evening in the Champions League last night.

German international striker Timo Werner got the opening goal and set Chelsea up for the win, then it was Mason Mount to grab the second and finish the game off.

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The whole team were absolutely superb over both games and ended up deserved winners against a giant of European football in Real Madrid.

But there was once again another Man of the Match performance from the robot human that is N’Golo Kante. When people say it is like having two players on the pitch when he plays, that is literally a fact!

Kante was colossal for Chelsea again last night and deserved his award, but as always he stays Mr humble, and it is left for his team mates to give him the praise he deserves.

Werner sang his praises, as reported by the Chelsea website:

“N’Golo is always really important for us. He’s a beast, to win the ball and fight and run all over the place. The manager tells us every time he is playing that we play with two players.

“He’s a really good guy, plays so good, and also last night how he ran next to me and created a chance and also when he ran with the ball, gave a pass to Christian at the second goal. He’s so important to us and I’m very glad we have him in our squad.”