Real Madrid set to miss out on at least one of their first choice central defenders

The pieces are starting to fall in to place for Chelsea’s Champions League semi final second leg against Real Madrid.

The Blues have their own fitness concerns to worry about, but on the Spanish side the absences are accumulating.

Raphael Varane was rushed back for last week’s first leg in the absence of Sergio Ramos, and did a good job keeping the Blues to just one goal.

But even as Ramos looks set to return, Varane has now been ruled out with an adductor injury. According to the reporting in Spain, he’s now ruled out definitively, and Los Blancos are going to be relying on a half-fit Ramos to anchor their defence.

In the first leg their injuries precipitated a switch to a back 5. We wouldn’t be surprised to see that again, even though it was fairly ineffective against us in that game.

We await Thomas Tuchel’s press conference tomorrow for more information about our own issues.