‘Has felt the same’ – Chelsea legend questions changes under Thomas Tuchel

There is no doubt in my mind we have seen some major improvements and changes at Chelsea since Thomas Tuchel took the reigns in January.

We have done fantastically well to beat Manchester City twice, beat Real Madrid twice, and get to two cup finals. Some of our play at times has been fantastic.

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However, there are some comparisons to Frank Lampard’s Chelsea that has rightly been pointed out by Blues legend Ashley Cole, and it is the same old problem of our attack not being creative enough, and not have enough finesse. Lampard mentioned it often, and now Tuchel is facing the same problem.

A lot of our summer signings were bought in to fix these problems up top, but some of them are just not doing enough right now to change anything.

It is a problem that Lampard could not fix, and now it is a problem that Tuchel is also finding to be an achilles heal to an otherwise great reign as Chelsea boss so far.

As reported by Teamtalk, Cole was speaking after Chelsea’s 1-0 FA Cup final defeat to Leicester City last night.

He said:

“Chelsea have three cup finals now basically, if they want to finish in the top four and win the Champions League. They have got to pick themselves up and go again. They can’t feel sorry for themselves.

“Is it the same team as Frank Lampard’s? When Frank was here they controlled and dominated games but couldn’t finish it off.

“The last couple of weeks it has felt the same.”

One thought on “‘Has felt the same’ – Chelsea legend questions changes under Thomas Tuchel

  1. Why do mangers not pick their best team when winning silver ware is on the line.Anyone with some football brain could tell you that was not Chelsea’s best eleven.The manager should take full responsibility for the loss to Leicester.I hope he will learn from this miserable mistake.

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