The dream Champions League final party could be yours

The last year has been a rollercoaster for armchair football fans.

First, most of us had a long boring lockdown, where there was no football played at all.

After that, we’ve had a crazy season with more football than you could possibly handle, all crammed into a shorter time than usual.

For most of this new season we’ve still been stuck at home though, and found that 34% of football fans have not been able to manage even 30 minutes of alone time to relax, cooped up as they are with their family or housemates day after day.

If you manage to elbow your way to the front of the queue for the TV, don’t expect a good viewing experience either. The rest of your household will be there, asking annoying questions and not understanding why it’s gone to extra time.

Eric Cantona Do Not Disturb Suite
23 April 2021
Picture By Mark Robinson.

That’s bad enough in the group stage, but for the Champions League final? Disaster. It’s the game you want to concentrate most in, and hopefully remember forever. Yet it’s also the game you’re most likely to watch with a bunch of people who don’t care about football. Not ideal, right?

That’s why have come up with a great solution – watching the big game in one of their suites, specially adapted with snacks and a big TV for maximum enjoyment. That way, everyone else can watch GBBO, and you can watch Mason Mount school Fernandinho in peace.

Head to their site each day at 9am for the chance to get one of their “Do Not Disturb” suites for just £20.21, at one of 9 hotels scattered across some of the football loving parts of Europe. You’ll have to move fast though – there’s just one suite at each hotel released each day.

Still, for such a bargain price, it’s worth a shot. It might even be worth flying to Oslo if you grab one of the spots there! That should be far enough away from any rugby loving in-laws to keep you totally safe for the 90 minutes, at least.

Even better, one lucky winner of one of the suites will get to watch the game with Eric Cantona, who will be your butler for the evening, will help talk you through what he reckons will happen in the game as your own personal pundit, and most importantly, won’t ask any silly questions.

Their hilarious ad for the campaign, featuring a grumpy (as ever) Eric is available in the clip embedded here: